The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

BPTC LLC offers  consulting for builders, developers, homeowners and multi-family as well as commercial and institutional building owners/managers throughout the United States.

Led by an experienced building performance professional, the firm helps clients achieve their goals, whether those include high utility costs, benchmarking of large buildings, third party quality assurance after retrofits have been installed, or simply creating healthier, safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient indoor environments.

We are not experts in everything, nobody is. So we collaborate and work with the best and brightest minds in their field of expertise  to investigate and diagnose any aspect of a client’s building. Whether the building is in the planning phase, newly built and ready for commissioning or pre/post purchase. 

With our Buffalo Infrared Division we can help clients achieve significant savings on most insurance plans.

We got the tools

The tools we are talking about are more than just the physical tools to test buildings. Some of the most important tools we use daily are Experience, Knowledge, Forward Thinking, Listening to our Clients, Quick Response to Client Inquiries, etc……

Certified Experience

BPTC employs InfraSpection Institute Level III certified technicians. Infraspection Institute is the oldest and most trusted certifying body in the Thermal Imaging field.

All technicians hold multiple certifications from Building Performance Institute, Esco, ASHRAE, ResNet, EPA and more.

These certifications combined with our ABAA field inspector certification and experience gives us an edge in Building Envelope Diagnostics.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing structure is very competitive in the market. We bid on individual commercial projects based on many factors. Contact us for a quote for specific projects.

No-Nonsense Guarantee

We truly are not satisfied until you are. Being a truly third party quality assurance testing company we only document the facts. We do not install or repair – You can be assured that we will only recommend measures that make sense.

Over 30 Years Experience

BPTC has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry in the United States and abroad. Through past employment in Europe we have gained valuable experience in the energy and building industries.

Client Support

No matter how large or small your project is, every client we work with gets the same attention from us. We don’t differentiate our support system by the size of the job. Every client and every project is important to us.