Commercial Services

With more stringent codes and tightening budgets it is increasingly difficult to meet hard deadlines and deliver a high quality building to your client that performs as intended and still meets all local codes. Many new buildings fail infiltration tests during the commissioning process, a very costly oversight that could have been avoided early on during the planning and construction phases.

BPTC can help. We test buildings of all sizes to the new infiltration limits and pinpoint potential weak areas in the building.

Are you purchasing an existing building? You can be certain that your inspector went through with a focused mind and pointed out possible discrepancies that might not be up to current codes.

Yet… How old is the roof on this building? Even minor damage that is not readily visible during a regular building inspection can cause big headaches and enormous investments down the road.

The inspection probably revealed that all electrical components are to code, yet it is not very practical to inspect electrical systems that are not fully loaded. Lose connections, weak insulation, low oil levels in transformers to name a few, can cause not only a complete shut-down of the facility, but are the usual suspects in commercial building fires according to the insurance industry.

BPTC can scan and test for many of these potential faults and weaknesses.

ASTM Standards E1827 & E779

The Army Corps of Engineers now requires all new buildings to have Air Barrier Testing and Building Envelope Thermal Scan.We provide air leakage testing to meet ASTM Standards E1827 (Standard Test Methods for Determining Airtightness of Buildings Using an Orifice Blower Door) or ASTM E779requirements.

BPTC can perform these tests on almost any size building.

Building Diagnostic Services

We can investigate moisture intrusion, air leakage, high indoor air humidity problems, high energy bill and comfort concerns in a multitude of new and existing buildings.  BPTC has the knowledge and specialized inspection and testing equipment to locate problems and recommend cost-effective solutions. We provide specialized air leakage and water penetration testing services in both new and existing buildings. Our commercial inspection team can provide these tests nationwide.

Demand Side Management

BPTC helps non-profit organizations, institutional clients and private companies implement energy efficiency programs. We specialize in residential and commercial energy audits, energy efficiency education and quality control inspections.

We provide inspections and retrofit management solutions for clients throughout the United States. We have over 30 years of experience in energy audits and air-leak detection services and have performed inspections nationwide and abroad.  Our professional, certified auditors provide detailed audits that can include blower door testing, duct leakage testing, thermal scans, water and lighting retrofits and more.

Air Barrier

BPTC is an ABAA accredited verifier and performs independent, third-party air barrier testing and inspections.  Pre-construction planning and third-party inspections at regular intervals provide valuable quality assurance during the construction phase of the project. We are fully licensed and insured.


Do you need to verify that all the grout lines in your CMU walls have been filled? Is all the rebar installed as specified?

Our infrared scan division Buffalo Infrared can help. We can detect missing grout lines and rebar in CMU walls. And we do not use any X-Ray equipment, the project does not have to be on hold during the investigation.

“Qualified individuals should regularly inspect completed work to identify errors that can be corrected before they lead to more expensive issues.  Taking photographs and keeping logs of these inspections is critical to building the documentation that can help resolve future issues.”

Doug Cauti – Chief underwriting officer of Liberty Mutual Insurance’s National Insurance Specialty – Construction operation